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Explanation of the MTNs

Though an MTN has similar characteristics to other debt notes, it is completely unique due to its flexibility, price, resale potential, and ability to be purchased at a discount from face. Now that you know what a medium term note is,Bank instruments, such as medium term notes and bank guarantees, are the highly important to any private placement program. Since these notes can be purchased at a discount from top banks, traders can earn quite a hefty profit, all while being risk free due to a prior contractual obligation they had with an “exit buyer”.

As we all know, an “exit buyer” is the entity which purchases the MTN/BG at a slightly higher value, but still discounted from face. Once the first exit buyer purchases the note from the trader, the process repeats itself several times until a final buyer purchases it to hold until maturity. By that time, the note has a very small discount (ex. 93% of face), but many conservative buyers are happy with the remaining spread and annual interest.

So, we would like to inform our client that our special team is that who are highly qualified and professional and have full object one MTNs, & BG market so always they are in the 1st step sale and purchase of the Private placement process.