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Table 5 Collections and Cash Letters SWIFT – Message Type Description

  1. MT 400 Collections: Advice of PaymentMT 405 Collections: Clean CollectionMT 410 Collections: AcknowledgmentMT 412 Collections: Advice of AcceptanceMT 416 Collections: Advice of Non-Payment/Non-Acceptance

    MT 420 Collections: Tracer

    MT 422 Collections: Advice of Fate and Request for Instructions

    MT 430 Collections: Amendment of Instructions

    MT 450 Cash Letters: Cash Letter Credit Advice

    MT 455 Cash Letters: Cash Letter Credit Adjustment Advice

    MT 456 Cash Letters: Advice of Dishonor

    MT 490 Advice of Charges, Interest and Other Adjustments

    MT 491 Request for Payment of Charges, Interest and Other Expenses

    MT 492 Request for Cancellation

    MT 495 Queries

    MT 496 Answers

    MT 498 Proprietary Message

    MT 499 Free Format Message

    Table 6 Securities Markets SWIFT – Message Type Description

    MT 500 Instructions to Register

    MT 501 Confirmation of Registration or Modification

    MT 502 Orders to Buy or Sell

    MT 503 Collateral Claims

    MT 504 Collateral Proposals

    MT 505 Collateral Substitutions

    MT 506 Collateral and Exposure Statement

    MT 507 Collateral Statuses and Processing Advice

    MT 508 Intra-Position Advice

    MT 509 Trade Status Message

    MT 510 Registration Status and Processing Advice

    MT 513 Client Advice of Execution

    MT 514 Trade Allocation Instructions

    MT 515 Client Confirmation of Purchase or Sale

    MT 516 Securities Loan Confirmation

    MT 517 Trade Confirmation Affirmations

    MT 518 Market-Side Securities Trade Confirmation

    MT 519 Modifications of Client Details

    MT 524 Intra-Position Instructions

    MT 526 General Securities Lending/Borrowing Message

MT 527 Trip arty Collateral Instruction

MT 528 ETC Client-Side Settlement Instruction

MT 529 ETC Market-Side Settlement Instruction

MT 530 Transaction Processing Command

MT 535 Statement of Holdings

MT 536 Statement of Transactions

MT 537 Statement of Pending Transactions

MT 538 Statement of Intra-Position Advice

MT 540 Receive Free

MT 541 Receive Against Payment Instruction

MT 542 Deliver Free

MT 543 Deliver Against Payment Instruction

MT 544 Receive Free Confirmation

MT 545 Receive Against Payment Confirmation

MT 546 Deliver Free Confirmation

MT 547 Deliver Against Payment Confirmation

MT 548 Settlement Status and Processing Advice

MT 549 Request for Statement/Status Advice

MT 558 Trip arty Collateral Status and Processing Advice

MT 559 Paying Agents Claim

MT 564 Corporate Action Notifications

MT 565 Corporate Action Instructions

MT 566 Corporate Action Confirmations

MT 567 Corporate Action Statuses and Processing Advice

MT 568 Corporate Action Narratives

MT 569 Trip arty Collateral and Exposure Statement

MT 574 (IRSLST) IRS 1441 NRA Beneficial Owners List

MT 574 (W8BENO) IRS 1441 NRA Beneficial Owner Withholding Statement

MT 575 Statement of Combined Activity

MT 576 Statements of Open Orders

MT 577 Statements of Numbers

MT 578 Statement of Allurement

MT 579 Certificate Numbers

MT 581 Collateral Adjustment Message

MT 582 Reimbursement Claim or Advice

MT 584 Statement of ETC Pending Trades

MT 586 Statement of Settlement Alignments

MT 587 Depositary Receipt Instruction

MT 588 Depositary Receipt Confirmation

MT 589 Depositary Receipt Status and Processing Advice