Plainview International Education Group

International General Trading Service

Plainview (Beijing) International Education Technology Co. Ltd .provides the best quality and high standard strategic goods with high discount or subsidy prices only for civil, social and public economic development. We know very well that the strategic goods are the prime needs of the publics. So we provides full support and high discount serves to Public or Private sector for significant development projects in the Agriculture, Industrial, Manufacturing and Production, Water, Irrigation, Power and Energy, Infrastructure, Building and Construction, Trade and Commerce, Transport, Communication, Culture and Arts, Sales Marketing, Tourism, and all other industries that would create employment opportunities for the people and communities of that particular region.We are supplying the below listed strategic goods with high discount or subsidy prices only for social and civil development purpose.10 to 30 % discounts (depend on the contract and quantity.

  1. Wheat flour
  2. Sugar
  3. Vegetable Cooking Oil
  4. Petroleum Products D2 & Gasoline
  5. Iron
  6. Rice

Note: we cannot supply or provide any of above items to those companies who have contract with any political or military organizations, and also our client is not allowed to supply or deal our products to any political , militarily or UN sanction Governments/countries.